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Dated 03.15.2017, Capital Jeunesse is at the head of a network of 779 Distributors in the World ...

Our Mission

Jeunesse began in the hearts and minds of visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Having achieved tremendous success in other enterprises, Randy and Wendy emerged from retirement to launch Jeunesse on September 09, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. The number 9, which represents longevity, reflected the founders’ desire to not only survive, but thrive.

Eager to share their revolutionary youth enhancement products with the world, Randy and Wendy set out to create one of the most rewarding compensation plans in the direct selling industry. The result: a cutting-edge, global platform that has harnessed the power of technology to share innovative products, training and support.

Today, thousands of people around the world are helping to write our story. Together we are creating a global movement that empowers people to reach their full potential — no matter their age, race, rank or income. Our story is just beginning.

We are Jeunesse. We are Generation Young.

Randy and Wendy have worked in network marketing for eighteen years. They have even shared the management of MarketQ Inc. They have provided services and support systems to the world of multi-tiered marketing industry through their administrative, commissioning and customer service software.

Randy and Wendy work with leading companies and industry experts to implement the latest innovative technologies, improve performance and increase productivity. Their work quickly paid off, as they saw their business grow rapidly around the world. In a mutually beneficial and collaborative effort, Randy and Wendy continue to offer new and sustainable opportunities for people around the world.

Wendy and Randy began their adventure in multilevel marketing eighteen years ago as distributors, then as managers of network marketing companies. Through their visionary leadership, their businesses have thrived. With offices and distribution centers around the world, a network of more than 300,000 distributors in nearly 100 countries, they have donated over $ 338 million (approximately € 310 million) in commissions. International customer service, home deliveries, a professional IT team and an exclusive on-line administrative system are just a few examples of what they have accomplished.

Over the years, Wendy and Randy have donated, participated in fundraising and volunteer work. They also launched a global ecological campaign to donate funds to various charities. Recently, they launched their own charity Youth - Youth - Kids - which is dedicated to children in need, internationally and locally.

Scott discovered multilevel marketing at a very young age; And he attended his first presentation when he was ten years old. He also gained extensive experience working for a multi-level marketing support firm that belonged to Randy and Wendy. This early learning gave Scott the ability to identify existing and emerging market segments as well as the operational strengths and weaknesses of various companies in the industry.

Scott has a proven track record. Prior to his current role as Director of Development, and developing a vision for the company, Scott was Vice President Global Operations and upgraded Global Youth Infrastructure. For Scott, the most important is to maintain a foundation based on relational, anchored in ethical principles. It regularly puts new processes in place while maintaining a human and professional relationship with all distributors. He is convinced that what makes Jeunesse® a business in its own right is its deep interest in the well-being of its distributors.

Scott and his wife, Isabel, travel extensively and work closely with youth leaders around the world; They are extremely pleased to see distributors thriving. Youth® is much more than a business for them, it's a family. Scott's idea is not only to maintain this concept of family, but to convey this spirit of generations into Young Generations.

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